°hf Focus

Neoprene whitewater spraydeck

Dry and safe. Designed in 1990 the °hf Focus is the right choice for whitewater kayakers of all levels and abilities. Over the years the original design of the Focus has been optimized to adapt the spraydeck to the changes in kayak designs.

  • Deck section: 4mm high performance X-Tuck neoprene
  • Body tube: 4mm multistretch neoprene
  • Latex reinforced inside for best grip and watertight seal against the cockpit rim
  • All neoprene seams are glued and blind stitched
  • Robust shockcord: 9.5mm (for PE kayaks)
  • Large centrally located release handle
  • Knee-off strap for quick emergency exit (with cam buckle!)
  • Pretensioned design (ultimate fit and durability)
  • Reflective logo print


094Focus KH
Body tube -62, -70, -78, -86,-94
115,90 €
093Focus BIG
Body tube -62, -70, -78, -86,-94
115,90 €
0921Focus SuperBig
Body tube 70-, -78, -86,-94, -102
115,90 €