°hf safety

For more than 30 years we have dedicated our time to design safety equipment for paddle ports. In contact with the best paddlers we develop functional equipment that excels worldwide on rivers, lakes and the sea. The performance of our products is proven by expeditions, professional users and in competitive sports. Every paddler who chooses one of our °hf products today benefits from all of these advantages.


Touring, white water, sea kayak or paddling competitions – °hf has the right spraydeck for your kayak.

Throw bags

°hf throw bags – high end safety equipment for watersports and professional rescue teams

Dry Packs

Reliable water proofness – quality “made in Germany”. 

°hf Dry Packs are ideal accessories for all adventures on and near water. 


°hf offers a wide range of safety accessories as well as clever solutions for transporting or storing your kayak and boards.