°hf Seal Skirt

Versatile neoprene spraydeck

Comfortable neoprene spraydeck for allround use as well as for smaller paddlers who do not paddle ‘big water’. The Seal-Skirt is easy to put on and the knee off strap provides a quick and safe exit option.

  • Deck section: 4mm multistretch neoprene
  • Body tube: 4mm multistretch neoprene
  • All neoprene seams are glued and blind stitched
  • Shockcord: 8.0mm (for PE and composite kayaks), easier to put on and take off
  • Large centrally located release handle
  • Knee-off strap for quick emergency exit (with cam buckle!)
  • Pretensioned design (ultimate fit and durability)
  • Reflective logo print


091Seal Skirt KH
Body tube -62, -70, -78, -86,-94
95,50 €
0912Seal Skirt BIG
Body tube -62, -70, -78, -86,-94
95,50 €
0913Seal Skirt SuperBig
Body tube -62, -70, -78, -86,-94
95,50 €