°hf Throwbag Ropes

Safety equipment should be checked and replaced at regular time intervals. Therefore we also supply our throwbag ropes separately.
When replacing the rope it is recommended to fix the new rope to the bag with an overhand knot (same as the original). After pulling tight the loose end of the knot should be at least 7cm long.
Professional rescue teams such as fire brigades, water rescue, DLRG, THW etc. use our ropes as working ropes. The common lengths are 60, 100 and 200 metres and the 10mm core mantle rope is the first choice.
Ropes of 60 or 100 metres length can be transported comfortably in °hf-Dry-Packs. Dry out the rope before storage and store it with the closure opened.

Ropes are supplied loose in PE-bags (not on bobins).


99820020Rope PPM8 8 mm (z.B. C/Classic) 20 m14,95 €
99820060Rope PPM8 8 mm (z.B. C/Classic) 60 m40,95 €
99820100Rope PPM8 8 mm (z.B. C/Classic) 100 m65,95 €
99820200Rope PPM8 8 mm (z.B. C/Classic) 200 m126,95 €
99821020Rope Kernmantel 10 mm (z.B. C/Alpin) 20 m17,95 €
99821060Rope Kernmantel 10 mm (z.B. C/Alpin) 60 m50,95 €
99821100Rope Kernmantel 10 mm (z.B. C/Alpin) 100 m81,95 €
99821200Rope Kernmantel 10 mm (z.B. C/Alpin) 200 m159,95 €
99822018Rope Kernmantel 7,5 mm (z.B. Weasel) 18 m13,95 €
99822030Rope Kernmantel 7,5 mm (z.B. Weasel) 30 m20,95 €
99822100Rope Kernmantel 7,5 mm (z.B. Weasel) 100 m64,95 €
99822200Rope Kernmantel 7,5 mm (z.B. Weasel) 200 m124,95 €
99823020Rope Syntec 8 mm (z.B. C/Syntec) 20 m76,95 €
99823060Rope Syntec 8 mm (z.B. C/Syntec) 60 m223,95 €
99823100Rope Syntec 8 mm (z.B. C/Syntec) 100 m365,95 €
99823200Rope Syntec 8 mm (z.B. C/Syntec) 200 m715,95 €