°hf spray decks

We have over two decades of experience in producing high end neoprene spray decks.

The importance of a good spray deck is often underestimated.

The spray deck not only has to keep the water out off the boat. It has to stay on your kayak when you need it but should come of easily in an emergency.
Make sure you buy the right spray deck for your kayak – a bad fit can be perilous!

°hf spray decks - Quality made in Europe

All of our spray decks are made in our own factory in the UK since 1990. We constantly improve our designs and only use the best materials available. Feedback from kayakers all over the world helps us to make the right spray deck for each boat.


°hf spray decks for touring and sea kayaks. Wether you need a spray deck for a small cockpit of a classic sea kayak or a bigger spray deck for a modern touring boat, the right prodcut can be found here.

White Water

Spray decks for beginners on their first trips on moving water or for demanding experts on difficult white water– we have got the spray deck that is the best fit for paddler and boat.


°hf competition spray decks for Canoe Polo, Canoe Slalom and River Racing. 

High end equipment for demanding athletes!

Cockpit Cover

The cockpit cover °hf Tuppa

Try first before you go on the water!

Try your new spray deck before you go on your first paddling trip. Make sure the fit is correct and you can close and open your spraydeck (also try in a capsized position with a helper next to you).