Size guide for °hf spray decks

Find the correct size for the deck section



D (River Racing)

62-66 cm

40-44 cm

A (Slalom, Polo)

70-76 cm

38-42 cm

E (Polo)

76-83 cm

42-47 cm

Classic (Sea kayak)

62-68 cm

42-46 cm


73-80 cm

38-42 cm


80-88 cm

45-54 cm


85-96 cm

50-55 cm


91-100 cm

53-56 cm


96-106 cm

54-60 cm

Please measure the cockpit on the outside of the cockpit rim.

The maximum sizes are only applicable on Focus models. Spraydecks with Aramid reinforcements (Silverback, Dry Skirt, Twin Skirt) have less stretch due to the Aramid part on the deck section.

Find the correct body tube size
Abdominal girth

Recommended body tube size

ca. 70 cm

62er body tube

ca. 80 cm

70er body tube

ca. 90 cm

78er body tube

ca. 100 cm

86er body tube

ca. 110 cm

94er body tube

Spraydecks should not only fit well on the cockpit rim but also around the body. A body tube that is too tight obstructs breathing and overstresses the spraydeck. A loose body tube is not water tight. Measure around the waist (approx. belly button height) whilst sitting down.

Try First - Then go on the water!

We recommend to take your kayak to your dealer to buy a new spraydeck. Try the new deck on your own kayak. For models with latex reinforcement on the inside we advise to moisten the cockpit rim and latex. (Use a sponge with a bit of water to wipe the cockpit rim and latex reinforcement.)

Try your new spraydeck before you go on your first paddling trip. Make sure the fit is correct and you can close and open your spraydeck (also try in a capsized position with a helper next to you.)