Throw bag accessories

°hf throw bag belts are ideal accessories for our throw bags.
Carrying the throw bag on a belt means your hands are free for climbing or helping others and you will never go anywhere without your throw bag.

All of our °hf ropes are custome made, their characteristics are optimized for use in our throwbags. °hf ropes are light weight, tear resistant, do not absorb water und float on the surface. The highly visible colours and the excellent grip are ideal fopr the use in safety equipment.We have been working with the German manufacturer Liros for more than 20 years. Quality – made in Germany!

°hf Swifty

The ultimate throwline belt with loops for additional equipment The Swifty carries the throwbag and the fabric loops are in exactly the right place to clip equipment such as carabiners and pulleys etc…

°hf Strap

Throwline belt for whitewater kayakers The Strap is the easiest option to carry the throwbag on the body. The Strap is fastened by a long velcro closure, the position of the throwbag on the belt can b…

°hf Throwbag Ropes

Safety equipment should be checked and replaced at regular time intervals. Therefore we also supply our throwbag ropes separately. When replacing the rope it is recommended to fix the new rope to the …