°hf Throwbags & Ropes

That's why °hf throw bags are unique

Throwing handle

A good grip of the throwbag is essential to manage exact throws especially over a longer distance. Previous throwbags proved to be difficult to use for smaller or inexperienced persons. The throwing handle of the °hf-throwbags solves this problem.
With the throwing handle longer and more accurate throws are carried out easily.
The throwing handle is built-in into the bag and gives more control over the throw. Newcomers find it easier to successfully use the throw line and experienced persons achieve more accuracy with this safety equipment.


If not in use the rope needs to stay securely in the bag. This is particularly essential for throwbags carried on a belt. A reliable fastener keeps the bag sealed and avoids the rope getting tangled around the legs whilst walking or swimming.
Therefore the °hf “professional rescue throwbags” are equipped with a Tenax-fastener. The Tenax- fastener seals the bag securely and opens quickly and easily.

Cone shape

All °hf- throwbags come in a distinct cone shape which provides many advantages as well for throwing as for repacking.
The wider the opening the less the rope rubs against the bag during the flight phase. This minimizes the friction and allows longer and more accurate throws.
The cone shape also helps with the repacking of the rope: conventional throw bags are often too tight to get even one hand in. The cone-shaped °hf-throw bags are repacked comfortably and quickly.

Bottom loop

The bottom loop has the perfect dimensions: it is big enough to provide a good grasp in an emergency – but it is too small for the whole hand to go through it. This is very important, so that you can let go of the loop if required.
Apart from the size the shape of the loop is also important: the “suitcase handle” is always ready to be grabbed from all sides.


Experience has shown that rescue missions can be complex and time-consuming. Therefore it is essential that safety equipment is easy to spot even in half-light conditions.
In addition to the bright signal webbing the °hf-throwbags have got a circumferential reflex binding.
The reflex binding flashes in the glow of a headlamp or the headlights of a car so the new °hf throwbags will not be left behind inadvertently.

Quick release strap

The quick release strap fixes the throwbag in the boat. The side release buckle is easy to open, even with only one hand. This is important because in an emergency split seconds can determine the success or failure.
The side release buckle is more user friendly than a karabiner and is not liable to corrosion.

Why carry the throw bag on a belt?

We’ve put a few reasons together for you:
  • Always available, also whilst scouting, after the loss of a boat or after capsizing and swimming
  • Hands are free for climbing or helping others
  • Extended rescue options (i.e. if the swimmer is stuck behind a waterfall)
  • On a raft: faster deployment 
  • Rescue teams: throwbag is always available, hands are free
  • Less weight on the shoulder whilst carrying the boat
  • When the throwbag is carried on the front underneath the spray deck it stays dry longer and is less heavy

°hf throw bag ropes - technical specification


All ropes for °hf throw bags have been specifically designed.
Their key features are:

  • high breaking load
  • best flotation
  • highly visible colour
  • optimum functionality for accurate throws
°hf throw bag ropes

All of our ropes are custom made, their characteristics are optimized for the usage in our throwbags. We have been working with the German manufacturer Liros for more than 20 years. They guarantee the consistent high quality of our °hf ropes.
°hf ropes come in a highly visible colour and provide a good grip. They are light weight, tear-resistant, do not absorb water and float on the surface of the water.

 PPM 8KM 7,5KM 10Syntec
Construction8-plaitedCore mantle
Core mantleCore mantle
MantelPP* 16-plaitedPP* 16-plaitedPP* 16-plaited
8,5 mm7,5 mm10 mm7,5 mm
Knoted tensile strength550 daN490 daN760 daN1070 daN
Breaking load1100 daN840 daN1300 daN2400 daN
< 10%< 8%< 8%< 1,5%
Weight/Metre30 g21 g45 g31 g
very good (0,91)very good (0,91)very good (0,91)good (0,91/0,96)
Abrasion resistance++++++++
Kink Tendencyextremely low
very low
very low
Used in

Throw Tow

* PP = UV-stabilised Polypropylen Multifil

Knoted tensile strength: with original °hf-knot (Overhand)

Elongation: Elongation at 20% of breaking load