threeWaves nose clip

Professional nose clip for all water sports like white water paddling, play boat, surfing, SUP, kiteboarding but also a high quality product for swimming, snorkelling, aqua balancing etc.

pressure-free fit and high wearing comfort combined with high-quality materials and a stylish look

Product features:

  • flexible metal frame for individual adjustment to the nose
  • hydrophobic silicone pads with a special structure on the nose contact surfaces
  • tear-resistant and high-quality polyester cord, approx. 24 cm long, for secure fastening
  • can be put on and adjusted with one hand ideal for white water, rodeo, eskimo, kayak polo, sea kayak, Windsurfing etc.
  • absolutely impervious to salt water, chlorine, sweat etc.
  • threeWaves nose clips are handmade in Franconia / Germany
  • only 5.9 grams in weight
  • incl. helmet clip

Colours: orange, lime-green, purple, anthracite, light-blue

330- Colours: orange, lime-green, purple, anthracite, light-blue 16,95 €