threeWaves earplugs

Individual earplugs / ear protection set to mould yourself for water sports where protection against water penetration and cooling of the ear canal is beneficial.

With this earplug kit made of high-quality 2-component wetting silicone material, you can make individual earplugs / ear protectors for water sports in just a few minutes.
Simply mix the supplied silicone material together, mould the inner auricle with its occlusion zones with it and wait for the cross-linking process (approx. 8 min). Done!


  • easy + quick to mould
  • dimensionally stable and soft-elastic
  • secure and pressure-free fit in the auricle
  • protects against water penetration and cooling, surfers-ear
  • costs a fraction compared to individual earmoulds
  • sufficient quantity for both ears
  • suitable for a variety of water sports, e.g. paddling, stand up paddling, kiteboarding, surfing, windsurfing, swimming and more
3100threeWaves Earplugs27.95€