The CAMBA Kart by HandiWorld is the most innovative kayak kart for paddlers. It features patented CAMBA technology, with hemispherical wheels  and a unique three-dimensional floating axle. These features are keeping the cart balanced at all times and making it easier to pull or push over obstacles, up & down kerbs and over rough terrain.
The Camba Kart gives users the freedom to move boats and other loads effortlessly in any environment.


  • Weight 3,8kg
  • Max payload 50kg
  • Dimensions: LxWxH 40x80x45
  • Dimensions folded together: LxWxH 45x50x16 (corresponds to the packaging size)

You can easily disassemble the CAMBA Kart into several smaller parts and then of course store them away individually.


  • CAMBA technology
  • Intuitive Motion
  • Reduces physical strain
  • Ensures stable load bearing
  • Offers ultimate control


04930CAMBA Kart100.00 €